Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Boat Neck Top - Trousers to Top

boat neck blouse upcycle trousers to top
I bought a skirt in a charity shop as I figured the print was fun and the lining had a good deal of fabric, but the skirt also fitted me and was incredibly comfortable (thanks to useful pockets), so it escaped the chop.  

I did need a blouse or  top to go with it as tee shirts and camis just looked a bit odd and as it had a vintage 50s style to it,  I thought a linen boat neck would work well.  I was a bit lazy and instead of drafting a proper bodice block, I adapted a wiggle dress pattern and then realised the back centre seam does its own thing....... so there were some modifications, actually there were a lot, and I ended up drafting a new bodice block in the end but kept the 4 waist darts (and side bust dart).  The hem finishes at the waist.

The top has a side zipper.  I am really happy with the top as the linen has that soft worn look and the black is now a dusky ink....................  trousers are a good upcycle option as the cut lends itself to underarm width, and the straight grain is easy to figure - now to work on getting a dress out of them!

boat neck top upcycle linen trousers to top

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