Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pattern Magic Hoody T Shirt - 'dress to a tee'

pattern magic hoody t shirt - dress to a tee

The pattern magic books are pretty inspiring.  I know when I first came across them I was got such a  kick out of some of the quirky ideas and when I would show to some friends* the reaction was often simply - "but seriously, would you really wear that"  (probably about crushed can top!)  just goes to show, unbridled enthusiam is not always infectious.

pattern magic hoody t shirt - dress to a tee

This one was made from one long one euro jersey dress and the pattern was quick to draft, but I should have made the neckline slightly smaller but only by 1 cm all around.  The tee shirt is very wearable and very comfortable.  It was quick to make up (not having to finish seam edges helps).  I like the way the tee is plain to front, and draped to rear.  The tee shirt took up most of the fabric of the dress, and I cut bias strips from left overs to finish sleeve edges and neck.  

I have also made a second one from a jersey skirt.  I had to made this one a bit narrower at the base of tshirt as there was less fabric to play with, but it still worked fine.

*just to add, some of my lovely friends are not sewers so the reaction was probably to be expected!

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