Saturday, 15 November 2014

the dreamstress deco echo - scarf to top

the dreamstress deco echo - upcycle scarf to top

the dreamstress deco echo - upcycle scarf to top

Strictly speaking this was not a scarf to a top, but it was an intended scarf/wrap and then it languished in the stash.

I had seen this blouse/top a few times on line while I was looking up 1930ls blouses and came across this lovely site - The dreamstress.

It is a very effective pattern for using up small amounts of 'precious fabric'.  I had a metre of tie dyed silk devore, and I had cut in half along the centre as at one time I intended to make a wrap (this has been in the 'curated'  stash for over 10 years - good grief).  I used the devored half to make this top. (the other half will be a  used for a smocked top - I hope).  

Its a cute top, and as its made from rectangles - pretty quick to assemble - which is a nice change as I seem to have found some lengthy projects lately which are taking longer than they should!

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  1. thank you, you will probably be shocked at how quick it makes up, I ended up hand finishing a lot of this one as the fabric is so fine and even then, it was still fast enough.............